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What Happens to My Property if I am Incarcerated?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP November 29, 2021
It’s important to understand what happens to the belongings that are in your possession when you’re arrested. It’s also crucial to understand what can happen to the property that you own and live in and how your belongings will be dealt with if you are arrested as well. Ideally, you’d be able to deal...
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Do I Need a Lawyer for Arraignment in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP November 17, 2021
You’ve probably heard it said many times if you watch TV: if you get arrested, you are entitled to an attorney, even if you cannot afford one. At what point in the process is a lawyer necessary? Should you hire one right away? If you aren’t familiar with the criminal justice system, you might...
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Can My Probation Be Terminated Early in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP November 3, 2021
For many people, being on probation feels like a gift because they avoided being sent to jail. For others, they are placed on probation after they’ve already been released from jail and now they have to finish out their sentence in this way. Regardless of whether it feels like a positive or a negative...
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What is the Appeal Process in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP October 30, 2021
Dealing with any type of criminal matter is incredibly intimidating and scary. If you’ve been through a trial and were found guilty and are wondering what your options are, you might be wondering how the appeals process works and if it’s something you can utilize. In this case, contacting an experienced lawyer can be...
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What are the Types of Defenses Used in Domestic Violence Cases?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP October 15, 2021
Being charged with any type of domestic violence offense is scary and very serious. There can be lifelong consequences, and if you find yourself in this position, it’s important to find an experienced attorney. While it’s ultimately your attorney’s job to develop a strategy to defend you, it’s helpful for you to know the...
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What are the Types of Assault Charges in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP October 2, 2021
All types of criminal charges are serous, but violent crimes can be particularly worrisome. In Colorado, there are several different types of assault charges. It’s important to know what you can be charged with, what the penalties are, and what you and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can to do defend you from these...
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What is Chain of Custody and How Can it Affect My Case?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP September 29, 2021
Chain of custody is a crucial aspect of any criminal case. If evidence is recovered that shows you may have committed a crime, there must be a valid chain of custody. The evidence was collected and documented properly from the moment it was discovered until the moment it was presented in court. If there...
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When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP September 20, 2021
If you’ve never been involved in the criminal justice system before, you might not know when you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Many people assume you only need one once you’ve been placed under arrest, but this isn’t always the case. The following are some scenarios in which you should consider hiring...
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How Does Express Consent Work in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP September 6, 2021
In some circumstances, you are expressly consenting to follow certain laws by simply engaging in an activity. For instance, when you get behind the wheel, you’ve expressly consented to agree to a breath or blood test if you are arrested for of driving under the influence. So, what does this mean, and what happens...
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What are the Types of Domestic Violence?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP August 28, 2021
Any type of domestic abuse should be taken seriously and addressed as soon as possible. While this can sometimes be difficult to do, an experienced lawyer can help you take the proper steps. It’s also essential to understand that domestic abuse isn’t always physical, and it can often be hard to spot, especially for...
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