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3 common questions about financial aid and drug convictions

There are serious legal consequences to getting caught with drugs. In addition, a drug-related criminal conviction could limit your eligibility for federal financial aid. Depending on your financial situation, this could mean that you might end up having to take out expensive student loans or take time off from school until you meet the requirements to reapply for financial aid in the future.

3 myths about minor in possession tickets

Receiving a minor in possession ticket can be scary, especially if this is your first time getting into trouble with the law. You most likely know a friend -- or even several friends -- who have been in a seemingly similar boat. However, do not assume their situation is the same as yours. While it is true that plenty of college students wind up with minor in possession, or MIP tickets, not all cases are the same.

Stress turns some college students to study drugs

There is a lot riding on getting good grades in college. Add to this the sheer workload of having multiple classes -- with mandatory papers, projects and tests -- and it's no wonder so many college students are completely stressed out. Walk around a campus and you can feel the stress, as students rush from class to class to class, just trying to get it all done, just trying to stay on top of everything at once.

Worried about distracted drivers? You should be.

Reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road has been a multi-faceted approach. There are campaigns aimed to educate drivers and groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving who work to educate, while also pushing for stricter drunk driver-related policies. Add to this the steep penalties a driver faces for drunk driving and guess what? The pressure works. The number of fatalities involving drunk drivers has decreased over the years.

What can we do to prevent fatal accidents?

While cities like Denver and Boulder have adopted action plans with the goal of reducing the number of traffic fatalities to zero, the number of people actually killed in car accidents in Colorado saw an increase in 2017. Naturally, this is leading some to question just how well these plans are working.

Review: Alcotest 9510 source code flawed, challenged in courts

The Alcotest 9510, a breath testing machine used by numerous police agencies, has been challenged in court in several states. Now, a report from two software engineering consultants who reviewed its source code has been distributed. That report is no longer available for intellectual property reasons, but the consultants expressed serious concerns about the reliability of the test results.

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