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May 2019 Archives

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Summer break: It's here

Summer break is here for Boulder students. When that happens, students may naturally feel like letting off some steam, but before you go out or decide to throw a party, you should keep in mind the consequences of going too far.

Mandatory arrest laws can lead to unfair domestic violence arrests

It happens more frequently than you may think: The police respond to a call about a possible domestic situation and end up making an arrest, even though no physical violence - or threat of physical violence -- ever occurred. Now, something that was a heated argument with a spouse or partner has turned into a criminal case.

Unsafe road conditions? Take precautions

While it's true people in Colorado understand snow driving better than anyone in the rest of the country, that doesn't mean it would hurt to brush up on exactly what you should do when the snow gets bad. And even though it's now spring time, it certainly doesn't hurt to keep the following pieces of information in mind for next year:

Are breathalyzers always accurate?

It's a rather common scenario: You're driving home from a night out with friends and suddenly you see flashing lights behind you. You don't think you're speeding or doing anything wrong, so you quickly start to pull over - assuming the officer is on his way to an important call. It's shocking when the patrol car pulls over right behind you and you see the officer making their way to your driver's side window. 

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