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February 2019 Archives

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Supreme Court rules 'excessive fines' clause applies to states

In a unanimous ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that the Eighth Amendment's prohibition on "excessive fines" applies to states and local governments as well as to the federal government. The high court had never actually ruled that the clause applied to states and local governments, although many people assumed that it did.

Police increase impaired/intoxicated driving patrols for the new year

If it feels like you were seeing more police out and about during the month of January, it is because you were. From the end of 2018 to a few days into the new year, there were more than 100 different law enforcement agencies throughout Colorado participating in extra enforcement of laws against impaired and intoxicated driving. Their purpose: To round up and arrest as many suspected impaired or intoxicated drivers as possible.

Wife as 'breadwinner' increases odds of divorce

Gone are the days where the wife automatically stays home to raise the children, while the husband goes off to work each day. It may have been this way for many of our grandparents, or even parents, but nowadays it is the norm for both the husband and wife to work. Not only this, increasingly it is the wife who is the breadwinner of the family, out-earning the husband.

6 things to know to drive more safely in snowy conditions

"We see a lot of people from all over the country who have grown up in the Snow Belt and have years and years of driving experience and in reality have just been lucky because their technique leaves a lot to be desired," says the director of a driving school in Steamboat Springs.

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