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It’s not all bad. 9 positive things about divorce

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP March 25, 2021

If divorce were an entirely negative experience, people wouldn’t get divorced. For people who have tried everything to save a marriage, though, divorce can provide a profound sense of relief. If you’re considering divorce, you may want to weigh these nine positive aspects of the process:

  1. Divorce can be quite liberating. Think about the relief you would feel if you didn’t have to deal with the daily stress and anxiety. Whether your marriage is abusive or simply unsatisfying, divorce allows you to wash away many of your daily struggles.
  2. Divorce can be hopeful. Filing for divorce can make you realize that you’re in charge of your own destiny. You can focus on your own, clear vision for your life.
  3. It allows you to make your own choices. How many times have you had to give way in order to support your spouse? Divorce gives you the right and responsibility to put your needs, and those of your children, first.
  4. Divorce may be positive for your children. If your family is miserable, your children may be traumatized, especially if they witness arguments or abuse. Many people who stayed married for their children’s benefit later feel they might have been better off leaving sooner and learning how to co-parent effectively.
  5. You can model healthy relationship behavior. Staying in an unhealthy marriage may send a damaging message to your kids that there is no way out of mistakes. Although divorce may be a last resort, it is a way out of a painful situation. As you set aside your daily struggles with your spouse, you may be able to learn healthier relationship habits.
  6. Divorce can make you stronger. Being on your own puts you in the position of learning to survive and thrive alone. You can learn to build a life you’re proud of.
  7. You can become your true self. Are you a different person than you were before marriage? Do you long to be that person again? Staying in an unhealthy relationship can restrict your personal growth.
  8. You can change. Many people grow apart over time. Divorce could allow you to change the person you are and make changes in your life. After all, you might not make the same choices today that you did as a younger person.
  9. Divorce could lead to your happy ending. You deserve to be happy. Once you’ve given your marriage everything you can, give yourself a break. You can’t find your new life until you shed your old one.

If you decide that the positive aspects of divorce are worth the risk, get started by contacting a caring, experienced divorce lawyer.