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Boulder Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Being charged with a sex offense is one of the most life-shattering events that can happen to a person. The experience of being charged with a sex offense is dehumanizing and humiliating. The charge alone can lead to stigma, isolation, shame, embarrassment and a sense that your life will never be the same.

In Colorado, both misdemeanor and felony sex offenses are prosecuted vigorously and treated harshly. At Dolan + Zimmerman LLP, in Boulder, our Boulder criminal defense lawyers have the experience and expertise to advocate for you while helping you navigate the complex world of rules and norms that govern sex offense cases across Colorado.

If you were convicted of a sex crime but are now eligible for deregistration from the sex offender registry, we can help.

Experience Matters

Convictions for low-level misdemeanor sex offenses, such as indecent exposure, trigger lengthy periods of sex offender registration and onerous sentences. Convictions for felony sex offenses carry potential sentences with lifelong consequences, including lengthy prison sentences, decades-long or lifetime sex offender registration, and decades-long or lifelong sex offense-specific probation.

When faced with these life-changing penalties, it is important to work with a team of attorneys that offers the knowledge and experience that it takes to build a successful defense. At our firm, we provide high-quality defense of sex offenses through:

  • Profound and up-to-date technical knowledge of Colorado’s highly complex, evolving laws in this area
  • Tireless negotiation
  • Creative strategies to create mitigation
  • An unusual level of competence and experience doing this very specific and complex type of trial

The attitudes of prosecutors, judges and juries toward sex offenses have evolved dramatically during the last 10 years, and continue to evolve quickly as scientific research advances and cultural attitudes change. The same is true of sex offense-specific treatment.

You simply cannot afford to place your life in the hands of a defense attorney who is practicing in an old-fashioned, unsophisticated way. Even more than criminal defense in other areas, it absolutely demands both experience and a fresh perspective.

We are committed to approaching your case with compassion, creativity, and knowledge. We will not allow you to be processed by a system that is all too eager to consider you guilty until proven innocent just because someone accused you.

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