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Ongoing Criminal Sentences

Many lawyers are finished with their clients when they are finished with the sentencing hearing. We believe that for many people, that is just the beginning of the story.

At Dolan + Zimmerman LLP, we keep in touch with our clients after sentencing, and we work with new clients in Boulder and the surrounding areas of Colorado who reach out to us for help with sentences they are currently working to complete. We believe that you deserve to have your rights protected even after your sentencing hearing.

Complicated Sentences Require Assistance From Skilled Attorneys

Sentences, whether to probation or to community corrections, can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Sometimes, unexpected or unfair things happen:

  • Your probation officer might impose an unexpected or onerous requirement.
  • Something in your life circumstances might change and your probation officer might not be willing to be flexible and cooperative as you work to complete the conditions of your sentence.
  • You might be eligible to ask the court to consider you for early termination of your probation, probation supervision or community corrections sentence, and need help with that process.

Just because you are serving a sentence does not mean that you have to navigate the system all on your own. Our criminal defense lawyers in Boulder are here to help.

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