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The University of Colorado Police Department and the Boulder Police Department take the legal drinking age and legal marijuana use age very seriously. Receiving a ticket for being a minor in possession of alcohol or marijuana, possessing a fake ID or violating noise ordinances are common experiences for CU students. However, that does not mean they don’t carry serious penalties.

At Dolan + Zimmerman LLP, we have extensive experience representing CU students in a wide range of legal matters, including cases involving sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations. We represent CU students in court and in university administrative proceedings.

It is a mistake to view any criminal charges as minor. You need to be represented by an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney who will make sure that your rights are respected, that you understand what your options are, and most importantly, that your case resolves in the most favorable possible way so that you do not face permanent consequences.

Defense For MIP Charges

A minor in possession charge can impact a student’s future, depending on the circumstances and history that lead up to it. It can result in court consequences, including an entry in a student’s criminal history that can make it harder to get a job. It almost always triggers proceedings through the University of Colorado Office of Student Conduct, which can lead to negative consequences, including suspension or expulsion in some cases.

A minor in possession charge is certainly not the end of the world! You are in the same boat as so many CU students. But that doesn’t mean that you have to just go to court, take whatever plea offer the city attorney’s office extends without even talking to you, and deal with the consequences. You deserve to have an attorney who will make sure that your rights are respected, that you understand your options, that you can stay in school, and that your record stays clean so you start out on the right foot when you graduate.

Challenging Fake ID Charges

Charges resulting from having a fake identification card, or from using somebody else’s identification card, are also very common for students. This is a kind of charge that can have extremely serious consequences, and that needs to be handled properly from the very beginning.

Having a fake ID can be charged as a felony under some circumstances. Regardless of the level at which this type of offense is charged, the police will report it to CU, and you will face consequences through the Office of Student Conduct. If this kind of case is not resolved properly, and if the record of the charge is not sealed and remains a part of your criminal history, it can do real damage to your ability to continue your education and pursue the career that you want.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Boulder to learn more.

Noise And Nuisance Party Violations

CU students, particularly those who live on the Hill, often receive noise and nuisance party tickets. As with MIP charges, noise violations and nuisance party tickets can mar your criminal history and trigger sanctions through the Student Conduct Office if not handled properly.

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