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Everybody makes mistakes, and doing regrettable things is especially common among children and teenagers. Unfortunately, some mistakes are severe enough to result in criminal charges and an arrest. As a parent, learning that your child has gotten arrested or is in legal trouble is distressing. Help is available at Dolan + Zimmerman, LLP.

Our juvenile crimes defense lawyers in Boulder offer initial consultations, where we will listen to what happened and give you legal advice pertaining to what to do next. If choose us to represent your child during a criminal case, you can trust us to fight for the best possible case results on your child’s behalf. We stand by our clients and will treat your case as if it were our own.

Why Choose Us?

  •  Our attorneys have significant experience handling criminal defense cases involving juveniles.
  • We will communicate with you frequently and clearly so that you are empowered to make decisions in your case that make sense for your family. Our attorneys will be personally involved in your juvenile crimes defense case from the very beginning.
  • We are adept at handling many different types of juvenile criminal cases in Boulder, including truancy, drug and alcohol offenses, shoplifting, auto crimes, sex offenses, and violent crimes.

    Why You Need to Hire an Attorney

    As soon as you find out that your child is facing criminal charges, be proactive about hiring a great criminal defense lawyer. Even if you believe that your child should face some consequences for his or her actions to prevent future bad behavior, partner with a criminal defense lawyer to mitigate the effects on your child’s future.

    Do not assume that the courts will go easy on your child because he or she is a juvenile. This is not the case – your child may be at risk of receiving a life-changing sentence. With a skilled and experienced juvenile crimes defense attorney by your side, you can rest assured that your child’s future will be as protected as possible.

    Your lawyer will work every aspect of your child’s case for his or her benefit, such as the evidence the prosecution has against your child, his or her previous criminal record or lack thereof, the circumstances of the incident itself, and how the juvenile criminal system works in Colorado. A lawyer can help ensure that your child’s future is not completely derailed by one bad decision.

    What Happens After Your Child Gets Arrested in Colorado?

    This is likely your first encounter with Colorado’s juvenile criminal system. Knowing what happens next can help you and your family make educated decisions about how to protect your child. Having an idea of what to expect can lend your family greater peace of mind during this difficult time.

    • The juvenile will be brought to court for an alleged delinquent act by arrest warrant, being detained by law enforcement, with a Notice of Appearance, or with a Summons and Complaint.
    • The juvenile must appear in court at the listed time and date. Failure to appear can lead to an arrest warrant or being held in contempt of court.
    • If the juvenile is detained, he or she will be evaluated by a screening team that will recommend to the court whether or not the juvenile should be released. The detention hearing will take place within 48 hours. Afterward, the juvenile will either be released to his or her parents or held at a detention center.
    • The next court date is when the District Attorney may file formal charges against the juvenile. At this hearing, the juvenile will be advised of his or her rights. If a lawyer has not yet been hired, the juvenile will be appointed a public defender.
    • The juvenile will have the right to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. The option to negotiate a plea deal is also available. A lawyer can recommend which plea to enter based on your child’s circumstances.
    • From here, there may be a criminal trial if the juvenile pleads not guilty. Otherwise, plea deal negotiations can take place and the juvenile will be given a sentence.

    Your family can hire a juvenile crimes defense lawyer in Boulder as early on in the process as you wish – from the moment that you find out your child is facing charges for an alleged offense. Your lawyer can attend all hearings and court processes on your behalf, protecting your child’s rights and representing his or her best interests. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney, the better.

    Examples of Juvenile Criminal Penalties in Colorado

    Criminal cases involving someone who is under the age of 18 typically go through Colorado’s juvenile justice system. This is a separate court system for minors. In general, the juvenile system is set up more for rehabilitation than punishment. Common examples of punishments that may be assessed to a minor who gets convicted of a crime in Boulder include:

    • Fines
    • Probation
    • Mandatory community service
    • Mandatory therapy or rehabilitation program
    • Time spent in a juvenile detention sentence
    • Time spent in jail

    Certain juvenile crimes come with mandatory sentences, such as violent crimes and aggravated offenses. In addition, some cases are tried as if the minor were an adult. This may occur if the minor has committed a very serious crime. In this case, the District Attorney may choose to transfer the child to the adult justice system through a transfer hearing.

    Contact Dolan + Zimmerman, LLP for Help

    At Dolan + Zimmerman, LLP, our attorneys have handled juvenile cases involving many different types of charges, from major to minor offenses. No matter what crime you or your son or daughter has been charged with – whether it’s a drug charge or DUI charge – with in Boulder, we can help. When you contact us, you can speak directly to an

    Then, you will receive legal advice about your particular case. If we accept you as a client, we will become your child’s strongest advocate, aggressively fighting for a positive case outcome. We know what’s at stake during a juvenile criminal case. We will do everything we can to protect your child. Contact us today to see how we can help.