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What is the Appeal Process in Colorado?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP October 30, 2021

Dealing with any type of criminal matter is incredibly intimidating and scary. If you’ve been through a trial and were found guilty and are wondering what your options are, you might be wondering how the appeals process works and if it’s something you can utilize. In this case, contacting an experienced lawyer can be immensely helpful.

What is an Appeal?

In a criminal case, an appeal is a process in which a higher court reviews part of the record or the entire record of the case. They can decide several things upon review, including the following:

  1. They can uphold the lower court’s ruling, meaning nothing changes
  2. They can reverse the ruling
  3. They can send the case back to the lower court to handle a specific aspect of the case that they believe the lower court got wrong

An appeal is not a ‘do-over’ where you get to have another trial. Appeals are about errors that the trial court may have made, not about relitigation of the facts of the case. During the appeal, the court will examine the transcript from the trial, pleadings, orders, exhibits, and other parts of the court record of the case.

When Can an Appeal be Filed?

Appeal deadlines vary greatly depending on the type of conviction. You should consult with a lawyer immediately to find out what the deadline is to file an appeal in your case.

Contact an Attorney

If you believe you have a valid appeal and you need help, contact an attorney right away. The rules of appeals are complicated, and without an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney by your side, it will be almost impossible to be successful.