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Expungement or sealing

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP March 16, 2021

For many college students who are on the brink of finishing school, applying for jobs and landing interviews can be a rather daunting prospect. For those who were convicted of a crime before or during their time in college, the idea of looking for jobs can be even scarier. It is important to know what steps can be taken to prevent any potential employers into looking into a candidate’s personal records.

What can be done?

Though both could help hide anyone’s criminal records, there is still some differences between the two. Expungement is available for juvenile records, and certain requirements that must be met.

Records sealing is available for adult cases that have been dismissed, whether outright, after acquittal at trial, or after successful completion of a deferred judgment. Sealing is also available for certain convictions, including drug misdemeanors, some drug felonies, and some non-drug-related offenses.

How to start the process?

Expungement and records sealing can be accomplished without a lawyer. However, it is advised for the person to seek legal counseling beforehand. A criminal defense attorney can be a helpful resource and can ensure that records are completely sealed.