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How to use apps to deal with last-minute parenting plan changes

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP September 5, 2020

Life usually doesn’t go according to plan. But sticking to a consistent, post-divorce parenting plan with the aid of new technology and apps can benefit your children, your co-parent and yourself.

A parenting plan creates a map for how each parent will schedule — with their children’s best interest in mind — day-to-day life for their children. This includes how much time children will spend at each parent’s home; the scheduling details of weekends, vacations and holidays; and where the child will attend school, extracurricular activities and medical/dental appointments.

Co-parent apps

There are mobile apps designed for scheduling and managing joint finances. So, if a last-minute visitation change is necessary or a child suddenly decides to join an after-school activity that requires a membership fee, each parent can receive instant alerts and handle unexpected situations at their fingertips.

Even through careful planning and alerting your ex-spouse with any surprises as soon as possible, conflict can still arise. Fortunately, there are apps for on-the-spot mediation.

Other benefits of co-parent apps include:

  • Organization: There is a spot for every type of update on your children. Staying consistent can stabilize home life for your children — whether that’s at mom’s or dad’s place.
  • Accountability: Whether you utilize a calendar or financial tracking app, these mobile programs keep a constant record of each parent’s responsibilities and adherence to parenting plan parameters.
  • Evidence: If every effort to communicate with a co-parent has failed, even with the aid of apps, seeking help from a family law attorney might still be necessary.

Essentially, apps can help prevent potential scheduling arguments and help you to avoid transferring any stress and worry to your children. But if you still end up in a large disagreement after utilizing digital calendar tools, your efforts won’t be a total waste of time. Rather, the data and documentation within the apps can help you build your case if you end up back in court.

Prioritizing your children should never slip through the seams when creating and following your parenting plan. The use of digital technology can help you keep your family organized.