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Settlement and divorce in Colorado

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP August 24, 2020

When a marriage ends, there are different routes that process can take. Sometimes the spouses end up in litigation to determine parenting time or financial issues. This usually involves a long and contentious divorce process that’s even worse when children are involved. When the decisions are made by the court, it can be a long and expensive process, which is both emotionally and financially draining.

There are also those people who intentionally try to work together regarding settlement during divorce. When it is possible for marriages to end like this, the process can be far less stressful, costly, and time-consuming.

How fast can a divorce be settled?

Generally, in Colorado if the parties are able to agree on all aspects of the divorce, a court can enter a Decree of Dissolution 91 days after a Co-Petition is filed or service is completed. The parties enter into settlement agreements include establishing a child custody and support plan, navigating property division, and spousal support.

What are the benefits of settlement?

As you can imagine, being able to work through things together saves a lot of time and emotional stress. This also means that everything can be settled outside of court, which means simpler processes and saved court costs.  When parties are able to settle, the parties are often happier with the result and have a better co-parenting relationship.

What if settlement isn’t possible?

Each divorce is unique, so no one process is going to work for everyone’s case. Don’t worry if you can’t settle your case in the beginning, many cases settle during the court process.

For some, it is worth litigating because there are important issues that the parties are not able to agree on.  These important issues may be about assets or child custody, each case involves a unique set of circumstances and considerations.

Do I still need an attorney if I have reached a settlement with my spouse?

Even if you have reached a complete settlement with your spouse, it is always important to have an attorney review the agreement. An experienced family law attorney knows all the ins and outs of the divorce process and can help you along the way.