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All co-parenting advice may not be useful

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP July 16, 2019

For most events in life, there tends to be a person ready to give you some sort of advice. But when you are managing a relationship with your co-parent, not all advice is created equal.

People who love to give advice often have the best intentions. In a tense, complex family law situation, those intentions may not be that helpful. At this moment, more than ever, you want to go to authoritative sources for valuable insight to guide you to successful outcomes.

Reliable resources

Though gaining information about a difficult predicament is certainly wise, you want to make sure that the information you obtain comes from reliable resources. After all, you could obtain enough knowledge regarding co-parenting to fill books of your own, but if the knowledge you gain is not reliable or even factual, it may not prove useful to you.

In some cases, gaining reliable information may mean seeking professional help. If you and your co-parent are facing parenting difficulties, you may need to work on your communication in order to work toward a co-parenting relationship that works.

Compromise may not always seem fair

Of course, when it comes to compromising as part of a co-parenting arrangement, you may feel as if you have to give up your stance more often than not. Unfortunately, compromising is not always fair to both parties so choose your battles wisely. Think about what matters most to you as a parent, fight for that and let go of matters that are not as important.

Other points of interest

In the event that the co-parenting arrangement becomes unmanageable, you may also find yourself in need of information on how to handle an uncooperative co-parent and to ensure that he or she behaves in a way that promotes the well-being of your children. In some cases, serious issues with a custody arrangement may warrant a review and possible modification of the terms. If you think this could suit your situation, you may want to speak with a Colorado family law attorney.