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What Happens After A Loud Party is Shut Down?

On behalf of Dolan + Zimmerman LLP December 22, 2017

Parties can quickly get out of hand. As more and more people show up, the crowd starts to swell. As more people talk, the music gets louder. As more drinks are poured, competing to be heard, voices grow louder and louder. Suddenly, the police are there, asking for the person in charge.

If you were the person — or one of the people — responsible for throwing the party, it is not surprising that you are also the now the one having to deal with the criminal charge or charges. While many of the partygoers just went home for the night, you may be the one left to pick up the legal pieces.

Noise ordinance violations

Violating one of Colorado’s noise ordinances is one of the more common tickets that a University of Colorado student will face.

Most noise violations stemming from a college party will be one of the following:

  • Unreasonable noise: This has to do with amplified sound. An example here would be if partygoers were talking too loudly or if the music was too loud.
  • Disrupting quiet enjoyment of home: This has to do with the noise of your party bothering other people. An example here would be if a nearby resident, or even another student, called police to report the noise and then the police showed up at the party to shut it down.

A ticket is still a charge

Since a noise violation is one of the more common tickets that a CU student will receive, there is a misconception that it is no big deal and to just pay the ticket and move on. However, paying the ticket is admitting guilt, which can bring on a whole host of other problems.

This will result in not only a mark to your permanent criminal record — but you could also face consequences from the Student Conduct office.

Quiet often, noise ordinance violations go hand-in-hand with tickets related to underage drinking. And while there are legal consequences tied to underage drinking — such as the possibility of expensive fines and jail time — all it takes is two alcohol-related violations to be suspended from the University of Colorado. A suspension, on top of the criminal consequences, could end up pointing your life in an entirely different direction than you intended. Speak to a Boulder criminal defense lawyer to learn more.