Maybe you were falsely charged with a crime and your case was dismissed; maybe you were acquitted at trial; maybe you successfully completed a deferred judgment and your case was dismissed as a result of your hard work.

If any of those descriptions sound like you, congratulations! You are eligible to petition to have the record of your case sealed. You may also be eligible to have the record of your case sealed after a period of time if you were convicted of a petty offense or certain types of drug offenses.

File sealing is one of our favorite ways to help our clients. The file sealing process provides real closure: the record of the case truly does go away. Once a case is sealed, it will no longer appear on most background checks; the police reports and court records are no longer publicly available; best of all, you are legally permitted to tell anyone who asks that there never was any such case at all.

Cases that get dismissed don’t just go away, unfortunately. The full record of the case remains available. Even a dismissed case can have an impact on your ability to advance your career or education, rent the apartment that you want, and generally move on with your life. The internet has made court and police records more easily accessible than ever before. It is essential that you make sure that your record is as clean as it can possibly be.


All too often, law firms view file sealings as an opportunity to make a quick buck by farming the work out to a legal assistant, doing the bare minimum, and not really bothering to follow up to ensure that each and every agency, entity, and individual with records of your case has sealed their records. We regard file sealings as one of the most important and satisfying ways that we can serve our clients. We do the work ourselves, and we promise make it our business to make sure that the record of your case disappears. Call or email us today so that we can evaluate your eligibility to have the record of your case sealed, and get to work on cleaning up your criminal history.