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Child Custody & Child Support

For couples who have children, the most challenging aspect of divorce or a breakup is maintaining a stable environment for your children as your family moves from one household into two. The good news is that it is perfectly possible to raise happy and healthy children during and after divorce — but it will take some work to create a sustainable parenting plan that meets your needs and those of your children.

At Dolan + Zimmerman LLP, our lawyers will help you assert your perspective and your needs as both parties work to establish a parenting plan. We represent clients seeking a wide range of custody and support arrangements — whether you are seeking primary custody and assistance, or are trying to ensure that you do not have to bear an unfairly high share of financial responsibility for your child’s well-being, we will help you navigate the legal system and reach an arrangement that works for you.

Finding Solutions That Work For You And Your Children

Colorado’s laws recognize the principle that children should maintain a relationship with both parents whenever possible, except in extreme cases such as domestic abuse, addiction or criminal behavior. But every family’s specific child custody arrangement is unique — working together with the other parent, you can create a plan that fits both of your schedules.

Child support is determined by a number of factors, including the relative share of parental duties taken on by each parent as well as their respective incomes and assets. As part of the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, we work to determine what amount of child support is appropriate given the other factors in your case.

Over time, it may be necessary to make modifications to an existing custody or support plan as your family’s life circumstances change. A parent may seek to relocate, incomes may rise or fall and a child’s own preferences will become increasingly important as they get older. We will help you make these modifications while maintaining a sense of fairness and focus on your children’s needs.

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