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If you are accused of a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney who will treat you like family—and do everything possible to help you. At Dolan + Zimmerman LLP, our Louisville criminal defense attorneys can offer you experienced representation to defend your legal rights and protect your future. Call 303-593-1874 to schedule a consultation today.

Why Choose Our Firm

  • We will explore every option in your case to ensure the best outcome.
  • We limit our caseload to ensure we give each client the attention they deserve.
  • Our defense attorneys are always available to take calls and provide immediate legal help.
  • We understand the impact criminal allegations can have on your life and make it a point to protect your privacy

Why You Need a Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is very scary and can leave you completely unsure of the future. A criminal defense attorney will be your ally and confidant throughout the entire journey. They will delve into the facts of your case and examine it from different angles to determine the strongest defense. This may include looking at the evidence, interviewing witnesses, or even talking to police about their role, methods, and other important details that could determine the outcome of your case. They understand the process and what it takes to win your case or have your charges reduced.

Types of Crimes We Defend

Our team has effectively defended clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, such as:

Penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) can consist of license suspension, jail time, and hefty fines. It’s in your best interests to hire an attorney as soon as possible to begin working on your defense.

Sex Crimes
A sex crime conviction comes with severe consequences. However, accusations alone can permanently impact your reputation. We will help you carefully navigate allegations.

Domestic Violence
Accusations of domestic violence, well-founded or not, can tear apart an already tense family situation. If you are at the center of these allegations, we can make matters right.

Traffic Violations
Whether you face multiple charges at once or you were charged with a single traffic violation, we can help you reinstate a suspended license or possibly get the charges dismissed.

Restraining Orders
Seeking experienced legal advice about restraining orders is the best way to ensure your rights are fully protected by the legal system.

Drug Crimes
A drug crime conviction can ruin a life, livelihood, family, and reputation. These fragile and threatening legal charges call for the most attentive, aggressive, and accessible criminal defense team in Louisville.

Post-Conviction Proceedings
We handle all types of post-conviction proceedings to mitigate the consequences of your conviction. For instance, motions to modify convictions from felonies to misdemeanors or motions to overturn or vacate convictions entirely. For many clients, clearing up or cleaning up their arrest or conviction record can help them obtain work or professional licenses. It may also be crucial for immigration purposes.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, our team can mount an effective defense on your behalf. We will fight to help you avoid being convicted or minimize the potential consequences you face. Contact Dolan + Zimmerman LLP to schedule your initial consultation.