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Longmont Civil Litigation Attorney

When you have a legal dispute, no matter what the issue, our experienced Longmont civil litigation lawyer at Dolan + Zimmerman, LLP can help you resolve it. Call us today at 303-593-1874 for a free 10-minute consultation.

Why Choose Our Longmont Civil Litigation Attorney?

  • We can offer a sophisticated and effective approach to your case that is individualized based on your needs.
  • Communication and transparency are two of our most important values when working with clients.
  • We are selective on the cases we accept to ensure we give each client our full and undivided attention.
  • Our firm works as a team to approach each case from every angle and put the law to work for our clients.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation can be described as “not criminal litigation.” In other words, civil litigation describes a dispute between two parties that is not based on a crime. One party (the plaintiff) is typically seeking money or some other kind of remedy (damages) from another party (the defendant). Civil litigation, for example, aims to resolve disputes involving family law, breach of contract, property, personal injury claims, and more.

Why You Need a Longmont Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, a civil litigation attorney will represent you at every step in the process and ensure your personal and business interests are protected. They are familiar with the applicable laws, procedures, steps, and necessary paperwork that must be filed on time. With an attorney’s guidance, you have a higher chance of winning your case and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our civil litigators can help you with a variety of legal actions, including:

Personal Injury
A party initiates personal injury lawsuits after they or a loved one has been harmed by another’s negligent or wrongful acts. For example, a victim injured in a car accident files a claim against the at-fault driver.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes
A contested eviction is typically at the center of many landlord-tenant disputes in Longmont. We can assist you in resolving eviction and other dispute cases effectively.

Restraining Orders
Restraining orders, also called protective orders, are issued for people who fear for their safety and the lives of themselves and their children. Restraining orders begin as temporary until a hearing is held, at which time they can become permanent. These orders are difficult to change, so it is vital to have an experienced lawyer advocate for you — whether you are considering filing or contesting one.

Business Dissolution
Dissolving a business can be aggravated by several factors, such as external pressures, partnership disputes, and control issues. We can help guide you to a favorable resolution.

Breach of Contract
These cases involve accusations of failing to provide goods, money, services, or actions in relation to a legally binding contract.

Other Civil Litigation Matters
Our firm has a wide range of experience in civil cases in Longmont and can help you navigate your unique legal issues.

We Can Help

If you are in need of a civil litigation attorney in Longmont, contact Dolan + Zimmerman LLP today. We offer personalized legal guidance and assistance to help you reach a favorable resolution so that you can move on. Call 303-593-1874 to schedule your free 10-minute consultation today.