I demand that my clients be given due process, fairness, and an opportunity to be heard in a meaningful way. 


My favorite thing about representing people who are charged with crimes is hearing their stories. The human experience is infinitely complex. Police reports are one way of telling a story – a rushed, cynical story with a transparent double agenda of condemning the person identified as the “defendant” and of justifying whatever decisions the police officer made. Both in the context of plea negotiations and in the context of trial, I have the ability to understand the larger picture and to create a narrative of each case that is more accurate and more compelling than the judgmental and primitive stories of guilt that police and prosecutors love to tell.


My second favorite thing about representing people who are charged with crimes is the opportunity it gives me to hold the government accountable for its actions. Prosecutors like to use the language of “responsibility” and “accountability.” They talk a lot about how people broke the law and what should happen to those people as a result.  I excel at identifying all of the ways in which the police and prosecutors fail to follow the most important rules of all – the rules imposed by the Colorado and United States Constitutions - which exist to protect ordinary people from the government. I take an even more special kind of pride in forcing the police and prosecutors to follow those rules or to face the appropriate consequences if they choose not to. Close enough shouldn’t be good enough for government work.

I have been in private practice, based in Boulder, since 2012. 


During that time, my practice has focused on criminal defense. I discovered criminal defense as a law student at the University of Colorado Law School. While I was still in school, I represented people charged with crimes through the CU criminal defense clinic, and as an intern at the Boulder Public Defender’s Office. After graduating from law school, I worked at the Adams County Public Defender’s Office. During my years as a public defender, I represented indigent people accused of crimes ranging from DUI to First Degree Murder.

Over the course of my career, I have done jury trials in over fifty cases, and contested hearings in many, many more than that. I take pride in my experience and reputation as an aggressive and successful trial lawyer, but I take equal pride in my experience and reputation as a creative and sensitive negotiator.

It is my privilege to act as an advocate for people who are facing the difficult journey of being charged with a crime. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping my clients through that journey in an intelligent and empowering way. 

Professional Associations:

Colorado Bar Association
Boulder Bar Association
Colorado Womens Bar Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar


Board Member
University of Colorado Moot Court 2006-2007


Colorado, 2007
United States District Court for the District of Colorado, 2012