Business and other contractual relationships do not always go as planned. Too often, formerly pleasant relationships become contentious. We are skilled at assisting our clients in resolving complicated relationships in an efficient and conscientious manner. Whether you are dissolving a business, negotiating the termination of a lease, or working through a difficult situation with a neighbor, we can help.

We make it a priority to listen to you and to resolve the disagreement in a way that has a minimal impact on your life, and to ensure that you are fully and completely advised of your options throughout the process.

We are experienced in representing civil clients at every stage of proceedings, from the inception of a dispute, through alternative resolution such as mediation or arbitration, to trial. Whichever path your case takes, we strive to obtain the outcome you desire in the most efficient manner possible.

You need an attorney who can give you choices. We are prepared to take your case to trial and to zealously advocate on your behalf for a resolution short of trial. Contact us for more information about your civil matter today.