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Drug task force: Marijuana on public land skyrocketed in 2017

With marijuana legal in Colorado, but illegal under federal law, you would think the temptation to grow the plant on public land would be relatively low. Unfortunately for Colorado's forests and mountains, illegal cannabis growers continue to cut costs by cultivating in state and national parks and forests. And, it may be getting worse, according to representatives of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a coalition of law enforcement agencies.

3 common questions about financial aid and drug convictions

There are serious legal consequences to getting caught with drugs. In addition, a drug-related criminal conviction could limit your eligibility for federal financial aid. Depending on your financial situation, this could mean that you might end up having to take out expensive student loans or take time off from school until you meet the requirements to reapply for financial aid in the future.

Stress turns some college students to study drugs

There is a lot riding on getting good grades in college. Add to this the sheer workload of having multiple classes -- with mandatory papers, projects and tests -- and it's no wonder so many college students are completely stressed out. Walk around a campus and you can feel the stress, as students rush from class to class to class, just trying to get it all done, just trying to stay on top of everything at once.

Trump's opioid crisis panel calls for greater use of drug courts

Seven months ago, President Trump launched a commission to develop solutions to the worst drug crisis in American history -- opioids. The commission, led by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has just issued its recommendations. Among them are more training for doctors who prescribe the drugs, penalties for insurance companies that fail to pay for drug treatment, and the establishment of drug courts in all 93 federal court jurisdictions.

Should wiretap evidence be allowed when it exceeds jurisdiction?

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of a 10th Circuit drug case involving wiretap evidence. A federal judge in the District of Kansas issued a wiretap order against two suspects, but the modern wiretap process allowed law enforcement to listen even when the phones were outside that district. Should a Kansas District wiretap order be effective wherever its targets travel? Should evidence collected outside of the Kansas District be allowed against the defendants?

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