We believe that no one can be reduced to a case number.

Being charged with a crime can feel overwhelming and confusing. The criminal justice system processes people without regard to their individual circumstances, personalities, and stories. Often, judges are concerned with moving through their dockets, prosecutors are focused on controlling their caseloads, and the individual people caught in the system are categorized as “defendants,” labeled with a case number, and processed. Frequently, people exit the system feeling deprived of their day in court and angered by the way that they were treated. Worse, criminal convictions have a dramatic impact on professional licensure, immigration status, driving privileges, parental rights, educational and professional opportunities, and otherwise reduce people’s ability to lead productive and dignified lives. We represent our clients the way that we would want our sisters or friends, or ourselves, to be represented. We take the time to listen to our clients. We do not view our clients as piggy banks, or as opportunities to satisfy our personal egos by “showing a DA who is boss” or “winning” in some way that isn’t defined by the client. Our clients are individual people with histories, stories, and futures.



We guarantee that you will always have personal access to us.




We will not have an associate or a legal assistant work on your case. We will communicate with you frequently and clearly so that you are empowered to make decisions in your case that make sense to you. We have an enormous amount of experience whether you define that in terms of years, jury trials, contested hearings, successfully negotiated plea bargains, or by any other metric. But there are a lot of lawyers who have experience. We are different from other lawyers because we take the time to understand what our clients want and need, and because we work tirelessly to make it happen. We don’t shrug our shoulders and say, “well, that’s the plea offer the DA is extending, you can accept it or go to trial.” We reframe our clients’ cases so that prosecutors comprehend the complexity of the person, not just the limited and often inaccurate information that is in police reports. We get different outcomes, whether through negotiated resolutions or jury trials, because we see our clients differently and we work our cases differently.


Our clients have careers, families, ambitions, and goals.


Our job is to make sure that the system is forced to stop and take all of those things into account. You won’t see newspaper clippings on the walls of our office. That's not because we haven’t represented clients charged in “newsworthy” cases. It's because we absolutely refuse to exploit our clients for the sake of our own reputation. For us, a not guilty verdict after a jury trial is a huge moment of triumph, of course. So is preserving a mom’s driver’s license so she can drive her kids to school; sealing the record of a college student’s case so that she can look forward to applying to her dream job; negotiating a resolution to a case that allows a teacher to keep her teaching license.