The University of Colorado Police Department and the Boulder Police Department take the legal drinking age and legal marijuana use age very seriously, and receiving a ticket for being a Minor in Possession of alcohol or marijuana is a common experience.

A Minor in Possession charge can impact an adolescent's future. It can result in court consequences including an entry in a person's criminal history that can make it harder to get a job. It almost always triggers proceedings through the University of Colorado Office of Student Conduct, which can lead to negative consequences including suspension or expulsion in some cases.

A Minor in Possession charge is certainly not the end of the world! But that doesn’t mean that you have to just go to court, take whatever plea offer the city attorney’s office extends without even talking to you, and deal with the consequences. You deserve to have an attorney who will make sure that your rights are respected, that you understand your options, that you can stay in school, and that your record stays clean so you start out on the right foot when you graduate.





CU students, particularly those who live on the Hill, often receive Noise and Nuisance Party tickets. As with MIP charges, noise violations and nuisance party tickets can mar your criminal history and trigger sanctions through the Student Conduct office if not handled properly.