Colorado’s statutory scheme for drug offenses is highly complex and is evolving quickly. For the most part, it is changing for the better: penalties are lessening and opportunities for eventual records sealing are increasing, even in certain cases that result in convictions. In this context, it is absolutely essential that you have a lawyer who understands and is skilled in working with the current drug laws.

Because of the recent favorable changes in drug laws, it is easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and to think that drug charges are not a big deal. That is not the case. Drug felonies still carry potential prison sentences. Only some types of convictions for drug offenses allow for eventual file sealing; the number of years before file sealing is available vary greatly depending on the level of the offense. Additionally, drug-related cases frequently present highly complex factual and legal issues, and consequently are often more defensible than you may assume.

You need an attorney who is skilled in navigating this technical and complex area of law. Contact us for more information about your drug-related charges today.